Sunset Moon and Wellness Superfoods Cafe, Bryn Mawr PA

I finally made it to Sunset Moon and Wellness Center in Bryn Mawr, PA.

I was really looking forward to it since the entire menu is gluten-free friendly and vegan!
Whoop Whoop! Thank you for offering a dedicated menu for people like me - wanting and needing to eat in a healthy manner!

BUT, just because it is healthy, I always question:

  • The atmosphere, is it warm and comfy - like you could sit and stay all day or is it cold and damp?
  • The service, are the "uppity"? You know what I mean
  • Does the food actually taste good?
  • Is the cost crazy??
  • Would other nongluten-free and vegan individuals want to join me?
I am slightly disappointed that they do not open to 8 am. This is 100% selfish of me, as I like to get into work early so not starting breakfast and tea time until 8 am can be a struggle for me. 

So I arranged to meet a couple friends for breakfast and we all entered the lobby area and immediately complimented that the atmosphere was very organic and welcoming. 
     Check on atmosphere

We were the only guests the during our visit, so there was plenty of opportunities for us to have great service.  I will say that the service was a bit spotty - but our waitress was pleasant.  I would have appreciated a bit more of a welcoming demeanor but all is well. 
     I'll give a check on service, but could use a bit of improvement

How was the food? Funny, the entire table went with a french press coffee, coconut sugar, and fresh in-house almond milk - I went with the recommended love tea and we all selected oatmeal for breakfast. The entire table found the oatmeal to be delicious! We had one missing the real dairy-filled cream for her coffee but all others seemed just fine with the offerings. I think I would have liked my love tea to steep a bit longer, I was looking for a bit more robust of a flavor, but it was delicious. 
     Check on food flavor

How was the cost? I would say average - especially being a local sustainable cafe - beverages were under $3.00 a piece and the oatmeal was $7.00. 
      Check on being affordable. 

Would other nongluten-free and vegan friends want to join me? I don't think they would choose to visit every day but to keep it as an option from time-to-time, sure.
     1/2 a check :)

If you have not yet visited the Sunset Moon and Wellness Center, please do! 
They have an extensive tea and herb list! Their mugs are adorable: elephants, bumble bees, and frogs!


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