The Chilly Banana Food Truck and Other Gluten Free Philly Food Truck Options

Food festivals can be less than amusing for those of with food allergies. Most vendors aren't worried about catering to everyone's needs and/or they do not have the space to ensure a safe option for those with food allergies.

However, with the demand growing, I am noticing some vendors are trying their best to accommodate - I still fear the contamination possibility, but applaud them for trying to provide an option for all!

While attending the Manayunk StrEAT Food Festival this past weekend, I was daring enough to try The Chilly Banana food truck. While their entire menu was not 100% gluten free, the base ingredients were and I figured this would be my safer of the options.

First time around, they were temporarily closing up (around 12:30-1:00 pm) because their machine was overheating and they needed to allow it sometime to cool down. HMMM, okay! isn't your machine suppose to crank out a mass amount of whips in the dead of the summer heat?!

Anyhow, I went on with the day and decided to come back later. When I returned, they had reopened, however, the lines were chaotic, slow, and the staff was actually a bit short with the clientele. I was truly disappointed already and I had yet to even try the $4.00 whip I was paying for. I just kept noting in my head, this better be better or at least on par, with what I could have made for free back home.

A good 7-10 minutes later my whip was ready. I will note the texture was almost perfect! The coconut whip cream was also a nice addition to the whip! Was it worth the $4.00 - perhaps, since I was starving? Not sure if I would return though, just because I really didn't appreciate the way they were treating their clients (scolding them for not hearing their name when their order was ready, providing a snipping comment back when asked for an additional spoon, etc.)

While strolling around the festival, here are some of the other food trucks I noticed might be able to accommodate gluten-free (keep in mind, this may not include contamination).


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