Wildfoodies, Dandelion Tea

As I sit on my parent's couch, forced to watch the morning news - something I truly try to avoid. Let me explain: It is not avoided as a means ignorance to current topics, but because I truly think there is enough negativity in the world that I would like to start my mornings slow, quite, peaceful and with nature as much as possible. Thus, avoiding the news until at least after I have had a cup of tea!

Anyhow, as we sat watching the morning news and of course, a shocking new report came out with a title something like, "CAUTION: Your Shrimp is now fake". This was no surprise to me! Of course, the shrimp you purchase at a local grocery store is fake:
-It is cheaper for them to mass produce,
-You are likely addicted to the addetives (hence you purchase more and more and more)
-It looks visually more appeal and let's face it, people purchase on what their food looks like (I love ugly fruit, the poor neglected, usually discounted items are delicious).

My mother was in shock and in complete disgust! While led me into my speech of my do you think I spend some much time, energy and money on creating my own dishes from scratch as often as possible (which is still never as much as I would prefer)? the additives in our food system today is alarming - but I will save that for another blog post.

Back to my story, I still had not had my cup of tea and figured, I could use a walk to clear my head after all of the heated discussions that morning. While on my walk, I tried to take in all of my surroundings and found myself fixated to the young spring dandelions. I began to recall my younger years when we would wait for the seasons to change, close our eyes and blow all of the dandelion's seeds into the wide-open air!

Then I thought to myself, these have to be edible...dandelions are used in.........??? What do I use that has dandelions in it???? Ah, tea! So I picked a bunch and sprinted back up the hill to my parent's house.

I rinsed the flowers in its entirety, boiled some water and then dropped them into to soak for a good 10-minute bath. When I returned I closed my eyes and took a sip - not bad! It could use a little honey to make it perfect, but no bad!

"Take a quiet walk with Mother Nature. It will nurture your mind, body, and soul." 


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