A Visit Back to Sunset Moon and Wellness Superfood Cafe, Bryn Mawr, PA

I recently wrote about my experience at Sunset Moon and Wellness Superfood Cafe in Bryn Mawr, PA and I have to say, I may have just been overly hopeful, as I really wanted their concept to work!

It can't be that hard for someone to open the perfect restaurant for those dealing with food issues like I am - or is it really impossible!?

I went back to the cafe this time with a group of ladies to check out their brunch scene. We arrived around 12-12:30ish, which is when I think brunch is really just getting started... and we found a couple of the menu options (it's already a limited menu) were already sold out. Seriously!? No tofu scramble for us.

The cafe is small and seating is limited and I do understand that everything is made to order and with love, but there was one customer, already served just enjoying the atmosphere while she tackled some work. Then there was another two-top, my group of three, and one other two-top that walked in while we were there. There was three waitresses/cooks on staff and still, I found them flustered and unable to keep up with the demand. The count seems off to me for causing frustration and confusion with three cooks?!

Our table ordered:
- An assortment of teas, I went with the 5th Chakra tea. It was decent, again, I think it could have steeped longer...
- Chai porridge - chia seeds, non-dairy milk, raisins, cacoa nibs, spirulina, maca powder and maple syrup.
- A small of the soup of the day which was chickpea and vegetable
- It ain't easy being green sandwich on millet bread - avocado, sprouts, cucumber, fresh greens, tomato, and spirulina basil white bean spread
- AVT sandwich on millet bread - avocado, vegan cream cheese, and tomato
- The waffles on the brunch special

- Atmosphere - since it is a tiny cafe and an open kitchen, it does get hard to have a conversation at your table. This is expected though and is worth the price to pay for your fresh made-to-order meal. I didn't mind, but I can see how others might.

What I did mind is that you could sense the waitresses getting flustered with the crowd. Let me state, all three were lovely, pleasant and welcoming - just overwhelmed.

-Food- the food was okay. It wasn't as flavorful as I had hoped for. I wanted a bit more punch and creativity and it was lacking such. The daily soup really struggled. It was bland and we had to resort to asking for some additional salt and pepper to try and remedy the blandness but even that really didn't help. If you are making food from scratch, with love, and from fresh ingredients - shouldn't it taste as such?

-Cost - What really annoyed me and which is why I will likely not be returning... the meals are by no means filling!  You would need to order a couple of menu items to consider it a meal and the cost per plate, they should be a meal. If the sandwiches are going to be the size that they are, then they should include a side item - perhaps the soup...at no additional costs! ARGH!

Example: I spent over $12.00 for my sandwich and a tea and I was still starving. However, because I didn't find my meal satisfying, I wasn't going to keep spending money $7.00 for a small soup, to still be hungry and annoyed that I wasn't satisfied.

-Service - Again, they seemed a bit flustered - even making the wrong waffles, which take 15+ minutes per order as it is! Also, let me note, it was $15.00 for one single waffle!!!

Again, great concept, but I don't think it is working for them just yet. I wish the team the best, they are still new and of course, have some growing pains to discover.


  1. I saw your link on FB and thought I'd like to go here with you. But good lord - if you weren't full I'd be freaking starving!!!
    Miss you.


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