Formosa Hot Sauce - The Real Deal! (Vegan and Gluten Free)

Formosa Hot Sauce is the BEST!

Honestly, I am so tired of paying big bucks on hot sauces and not getting any flavor!

Formosa was kind enough to send me a mix of items for review.
 - Jalapeno
 - Habenero
 - Chipotle

While each variety was flavorful, fresh, creamy, gluten-free, vegan, and sustainably sourced - my favorite was Jalapeno. This is most likely because of my love (slight obsession) for cilantro!

Regardless, they only two complaints I have, was one of my bottle's lids broke during transportation to my parents and that the ingredients list "oil" and I try to avoid oils as much as possible.

What I really liked was the flavor. Each bottle had a slightly unique flavor but all packed a nice heat to them - and not the kind that you want to eat and then cry. In addition, the sauces are creamy and can certainly be used as a marinade!

Formosa Hot Sauce is currently located in the California area but their recipe originated from Mexico where the owner's brother-in-law's grandmother passed along their family recipe.

Formosa does not deal with distributors and instead makes it a priority to maintain the small business ethnicity of the company. The entire family chips in to create, bottle and sell the product.

To this day, only three individuals have the original recipe, which uses multiple kinds of chilies - some of which are roasted and then blended together.

Formosa, can we remove the oil and then send me a lifetime supply?

I am already out of the sauce and find that I am craving the need for more - so PLEASE GET YOURSELF SOME FORMOSA HOT SAUCE!


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