Greater Philly Gluten Free Expo 2017 Recap

This year marked the 2nd annual Greater Gluten Free Expo and it brought many more vendors, a larger venue space ( yes, that means larger aisles!), and additional concession foods!

A big thank you to one the Expo's larger sponsors, Wegmans, for providing a festivity of gluten free samples!

Some newbies this year
1.   Chocolate Moonshine
2.   Bella Luca
3.   Metaballs
4.   Norwex
5.   Vientiane Cafe
6.   Local Mama Catering
9.   Juice Plus
10. Good Shall's Quality Meats
11. Supernola
12. Harvest Seasonal Grill
13. Luv Superfoods
14. Tangerine Betty
15. Baba's Brew
16. Grandma's Grotto
17. Mert's Nuts
18. Grainful
19. Archer's Cafe
20. Rose Gluten Free Bread
21. Stroopies Lancaster Co. 
22. Sweet Lady Bug Bakery
23. Pure Fare
24. Avondale Natural Foods
25. VOR

Some of the old-time favorites
1. The Happy Mixer - their donuts are the BEST gluten free donuts around!
2. Luv Superfoods
3. ProYo
4. Goodman Gluten Free
5. Manni's 
6. Mom's Organic Market

Some of the favorites
1. Chocolate Moonshine
2. Bella Luca
3. Vientiane Cafe
4. Luv Super Foods
5. Baba's Brew
6. Grainful
7. Stroopies Lancaster Co. 
8. Pure Fare

Some of the not so favorites
1. High Point Cafe - High Point has been on my list for years! I just never got there, so when I saw that they would be attending, I was beyond excited. I quickly ran to their table, saw a sign for VEGAN & GLUTEN Free and dove right in. Bam, first bite in and a bagel that was as hard a rock! Not what I was expecting!
2. Avondale Natural Foods, their products may have been lovely, not sure thou because they seemed very unfriendly and thus we skipped over their review.

Some of the VEGAN-friendly vendors
1. Metaballs
2. Vientiane Cafe
3. Supernola
4. Luv Super Foods
5. Baba's Brew
6. Grainful
7. Pure Fare
8. Avondale Natural Foods

My Highlights

This year, my sister Fran accompanied me to the expo and together we found a lot of favorites!

The best part of becoming a seasoned veteran to these events, we get to do a quick stop and grab at the old time favorites and spend additional time getting to know the newbies. Not just learning about their gluten-free products but learning their histories and how passionate they are to be in the field in which they have chosen.

While Mert's Nuts is not vegan-friendly, Fran and I truly enjoyed taking the time to get to know Meredith and of course, Fran enjoyed the sinfully delish artisan nuts.

Grainful is a new player to the gluten-free field and let me tell you - they brought their A game. Finally, someone else who uses oats in savory meals besides me! While not all of Grainful's products are vegan, they do have a couple options to offer and soon to craft additional. Their products are full of flavor, fiber, fresh ingredients and nothing you can't pronounce!

Baba's Brew, Fran and I spent a lot of time here at the local Kombucha stand. Olga and her daughter spent the time to educate us on their family history and we learned all about "Baba" or Olga's great grandmother.

Good Shall's Quality Meats, again, not vegan-friendly BUT Fran truly enjoyed their bacon and I had the pleasure the learn how passionate Wayne is about bringing "REAL" quality products to the market.

Vientiane Cafe, I always speak highly of my Vientiane family! Quality products, great price, and always accommodating.

Bella Luca, not vegan, BUT what is an Italian girl to do when someone offers you a gluten-free Pizzelle?!

Pure Fare, All I need to say is Sweet Potato Brownies! Yum!

Additional Notes

I was thrilled to see Grandma's Grotto came to the party! While I don't recall them being vegan-friendly, when I first moved to the area, I stumbled upon their restaurant and was blown away with the vast gluten-free options and that pistachio cake, I remember that! I was also updated that they do sell frozen gluten free Stromboli, so rush over and check them out!

Can't wait to see what next year's expo brings!


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