Plantie - Get Plant Strong

I had the opportunity to meet with Alicia from Plantie.

Alicia's HISTORY
She studied biology, with the hopes to one day, become a Veterinary doctor, but changed paths early on and enrolled in Philly Univ to study fashion merchandising 

After graduation, she went to work in corporate America for QVC, West Chester, PA. Alicia worked and enjoy the company for almost 7 years but just knew in her heart that it was not her calling. While continuing to work with QVC, she enrolled and completed her plant-based nutrition and holistic health nutrition certifications

Plantie was born in November 2016.

Plantie's Goals
When we dream, we dream big and it is in our dreams that things we thought once impossible, become possible. One day Alicia would like to own her own farm sanctuary and help educate others. 

Alicia can picture herself living off the fruits of your own labor and the extras going to sustain her very own plant-based cafe where all our welcome!

Plantie's Philly Favorites
Charlie was a sinner
New Harmony
Hip City Vedge
Blackbird Pizza (not gluten-free friendly)

Plantie's Day-to-day
Currently, Alicia is working on an intermittent cleanse to help balance some of her hormones. 
Therefore, breakfast is light - celery juice and herbal supplements on an empty stomach. 
Lunch is typically a salad consisting of chickpeas, quinoa, greens, seeds/nuts with some fruit snuck in as well
Dinner typically follows suit to lunch or perhaps pasta carbonara or seasonal soup. 

I did have the opportunity to try some of Plantie's smoothies. They came frozen and with instructions to thaw them out for about 11 hours and consume a couple days after defrosting to ensure optimal flavor and nutrients.  

Being honest and note that for me, the flavor was not as BOLD as I had hoped - I think it makes it a great option for those just starting out and hopeful to try plant-based cleanse! 

Please check out Alicia's website and maybe even get to one of her cooking classes!


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