Vegan Rob's (Gluten-Free, Vegan, GMO Free & Plant Based)

 Vegan Rob's - Live & Enjoy!

Rob has brought back the enjoyment of eating snack foods.

It has been years since I have even attempted to try new varieties, as every time I found it to come even close to being "Nicole-Safe" the product was: as hard as a rock, stale, soggy, mushy, weird tasting, full of chemicals or odd ingredients that I couldn't begin to pronounce and just overall not an appealing experience.

When I found Vegan Rob's, I started to reconsider snack foods. I started researching the product line and found the company was claiming to be able to offer a healthy option for those that love to snack but still able to focus on nutrition and compassion for all.

I was hesitant, but as my special delivery arrived, I was amused by the fun marketing. The box is adorable, the products names are catchy, and each package is brightly colored and I just wanted to rip them all open and try each one immediately!

I have somehow contained myself and this far only demolished bag #1 - The Tumeric Chips.

First things first, of course, the bag was appealing to me because I LOVE Tumeric, but then I see Algae Protein, Crispy Pumpkin, SUPER multi-GRAIN waves!

Quickly I flip the bag over to review the ingredients. The base is created from ingredients I can pronounce and eat often: Rice, Flaxseeds, Chia Seeds, and Quinoa. Seasonings include nutritional yeast, pumpkin powder, Tumeric, sea salt, whole algae, onion powder and some ingredients, I don't LOVE but will do from time-to-time,  evaporated cane juice brown sugar and sunflower oil.

I peel open the bag and I take a whiff of the super-grains, Tumeric and pumpkin. My mouth begins to salivate a bit and I dig in! Taste is there! The texture, crispy! Yum Yum! I keep digging in - and then I am quickly reminded that I promised to share some with the family.... Party Poopers!

The chip appeared to be air-popped and passed the test from my traditional Italian dad, Nana, Mom, and sisters!

I honestly couldn't get enough of these chips and could have finished the entire bag solo!
Stay tuned as I review some of the additional goodies.

I do need to behave myself, as I don't want to consume too much of the couple ingredients I don't LOVE (Oil, sugar....) but thanks to Rob for delivery an almost 100% "Nicole Safe" product that also delivers on taste and texture!


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