Camping Done Healthy (Gluten-Free Camping).

When you want to save your money for the fun vacation things rather than meals out - it really isn't difficult to do so and in an affordable and healthy manner.

I just completed a 9-day camping trip and was able to pack and make most every meal on my own.

Breakfasts consisted mainly of oatmeal with plant-based milk, SuperSeedz (small batches dry roasted - I'm a "seedling"), elderberry jam (in love with Norm's Farm), local honey, dried coconut, and mulberries.

Lunches - depending on our camping adventures varied between almond butter and elderberry jam with some awesome treats from Vegan Rob's, fruits, or some reheated leftovers.
       Of Vegan Rob's products, our favorite one thus far was the Tumeric Chip (Wild Rice, Asparagus, and Tumeric) and Brussel Sprout Puffs! Seriously, these chips are awesome! Love what Vegan Rob stands for and that all of their products are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, kosher and trans-fat free! Each product has the crunch you search for in a chip and the flavor is a mix of salty, umami, and a sprinkle of heaven! Vegan Rob's has me back on the chip game after having left for 7+ years!

Dinners - we always tried to make something fresh and warm to comfort our bellies each evening, it didn't always happen and sometimes we opted for some granola or Holy Crap Cereal - but we always made sure we ate and ate well.
      Grainful Jambalaya with some added spices and vegetables - DELICIOUS! Mia did not even
      know it was oatmeal based.
      Grainful Curry again added some vegetables - super easy to make, flavorful and healthy.
      We preferred the jambalaya only because the raisins did nothing for us in this dish.
      Neat Meat Loaf - surprisingly, one of the meat-eaters favorite dish!
      Hobo Pocket sweet potato packets with K-Mama Gluten Free Sauce - this sauce provided a nice
      smoky flavor!


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