Comfort in the Familiar (Gluten-Free & Vegan Oatmeal)

Whenever I find I'm not feeling well, I tend to always crave and think about carbs - toast, oatmeal, bagels, rice. Why is this? Well, most likely because in my wee-little years, when tossed any sort of flu or illness, mom would always whip out the butter, honey, and cinnamon toast, ginger-ale, chicken and rice, graham crackers, ritz crackers - you know, all the carby - soak up the acid in your stomach food.

I have come to relate my not so feel great days with carbs and lots of them!

I've recently returned back from an amazing trip in the Smoky Mountains and am having a hard time now coming back to my stressful work-life, new mommy to a BOLD puppy, living alone, eating alone, and just simply life.

Like many, I long to wake up and be surrounded by nature.
- The feeling of the cool morning air whipping across my face
- The sound of young birds chirping a good morning alarm
- The smell of the morning dew
- The sight of the morning fog just starting to rise into the mountains
- The taste of tart freshly picked berries

My oh my, what a life that nature provides to us.

When I find myself lost, I venture out into a walk to interact with nature and to clear my mind. Nature is my way into self-discovery - the running barefoot in the grass, standing up tall and taking a gasp of the morning air, the being still in time and taking in all that mother nature is providing to me in that present moment - that, that is my joy, my peace, my serenity.

So as I make my transition back into my "city-life", I am making time to venture out to the park and sit in the grass, to walk a bit longer, and watch the morning sun rise.
AND, adding carbs!

The other night, for dinner, I went with gluten-free oats (one of my go to brands is Bob Red's Mill), Norm's Farm Elderberry wellness syrup, a sprinkle of fresh blueberries, and of course some dried coconut!

Together, nature and carbs make me a happy gal!


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