King Daddy's Chicken and Waffles, Asheville, NC Gluten-Free and Vegetarian Friendly

While traveling through Asheville, NC I found King Daddy's Chicken and Waffles and was a bit intrigued that they had so much social media write ups on gluten-free and vegetarian options. I mean, was I reading this accurately, a waffle and fried chicken joint was successfully offering not only gluten-free options but also vegetarian options? This is a joke, right? Maybe someone was making note that they are NOT able to accommodate these options - let me read into this some more.

Well, by pure amazement, King Daddy's does, in fact, offer both gluten-free and vegetarian accommodations and seems to be doing so very well.

I couldn't help but plan a meal here while traveling through. My sister and I arrived around 6:00 pm on a Friday evening and had the opportunity to sit outside on the hip patio! The entire joint is open, brightly colored, and a welcoming ground for us all to come and mingle. It reminded me of a place where you come to meet and greet family you never knew was your family before - if you know what I mean - it is a great place to get to know complete strangers over a good plate of food!

After having been sat - our southern-charming waiter came out to introduce himself and answer any questions we might have.

We reviewed the menu and I found myself still in awe that they could offer some Nicole-Friendly options. I read and reread and oh read some more and couldn't decide all that I wanted to eat. I basically wanted it all but knew that my eyes were larger than my stomach.

Mia went with the white meat fried chicken, mac and cheese (thanks to our waiter's recommendation) and southern biscuit.

I knew I wanted to try to gluten-less and vegan waffle and couldn't decide just what else I wanted to add to my dinner. So, I do what I do best, I asked the waiter for his advice. Actually, I asked that he just surprise me with some gluten-less and vegetarian sides.

It wasn't too long of a wait before our plates had arrived. I remember smelling my gluten-less waffle and saying to myself, OH MY GOD, I smell waffles! Not gluten-less waffles, but actually spongy-gluten-filled delicious waffles - could this really be my gluten-less vegan waffle?!?!

That it was! And for my sides, I was surprised with the sweet potato hush puppies and pickled beets - two of the many options on my list! Our meal was served with a housemade sweet potato habanero sauce, local Imladris Farm berry best jam, southern sorghum syrup and real New England maple syrup.

Once the plates were all down - Mia and I removed all of our manners and dug right in! I cut into the gluten-less waffle and was living in a dream! The waffle was dense but in a good way. It was moist. It smelled so fresh - and now, the taste, the waffle was amazing! They somehow captured the "buttermilk" flavor while keeping it gluten-less and vegan.

I have been avoiding gluten-free waffles for close to 7-years because they are all gross! Dense, so much so that you could through it on the floor and it would just stick there, no bounce back. They are hard - in a manner that they actually would cut the top of my mouth. And there taste is always like cardboard! ARGH - gluten-free gals frustrations!

King Daddy's gluten-less waffles offered the texture I remember loving in waffles, the flavor that I woke up craving the next two days and paired with that local berry best jam, Oh my - I pretty much died and went to heaven! Did I really have to awake and come back to reality, because honestly, if this is what heaven looks like - I am staying!

As for my sides: pickled beets and sweet potato hush puppies, let's get real - these are the southern charm that I am going to miss! The pickled beets offered that crisp cool texture that I needed in between literally shoving waffle in my mouth and scooping the hush puppies drenched in the spicy, soul-warming habanero sauce.

If it wouldn't have been frowned upon, I may have licked my plates clean! I mean, you can't judge a girl, this food was that good!

Our waiter ever so kindly offered us dessert, but I couldn't fit it into my belly - too bad, as I am sure I would have enjoyed it just as much so as I did my meal.

Mia really enjoyed her biscuit and local jam. Her mac and cheese was on par and while she devoured most of her fried chicken, she did note that it wasn't as moist as she was used to. None the less, she still really enjoyed her meal!

Our visit to King Daddy's was bittersweet because they are 7+ hours away from us and I am still craving those gluten-less waffles!! Seriously, one of the best meals I have had thus far this year and maybe even last year!

Service was that ever so wonderful southern charm - Mia and I wanted to almost keep asking questions so we could embrace the "yes, mam" charm even longer!

Thank you King Daddy's for creating a family-like setting with affordable southern-charm food!
A++++++ from me!


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