Nine Mile, Asheville NC

On a recent trip to Asheville, NC - an adorable town with plenty of history and a "living off the land vibe" mixed with a bit of a reggae-feeling, my sisters and I quickly made the decision to move away from the typical "touristy" downtown and opted for their cute up and coming West Asheville area.

Like always, when I am traveling to a new area, I do some research on what might be "Nicole-Friendly" and compiled a list of a couple dining options. I then let my sister eliminate those that freaked her out a bit, mainly the 100% vegan options. Left on the list was Nine Mile and since I couldn't remember the last time I had the opportunity to have some authentic Caribbean food - I asked if Mia would be alright with Lunch at Nine Mile.

It wasn't too difficult to find and I actually found myself engrossed in some of the additional cute local shops in the area. Having completed my detour, we moseyed on down to Nine Mile and entered into the stain glassed showcase atmosphere. Honestly, all of the works were amazing and eye-catching. I found myself selecting the table next to one of my favorite works.

A couple moments later and the rain started to pour down and while I wasn't able to capture a natural rainbow, the stain glassed display - created one just for me. Just another peaceful moment on an amazing vacation. This vacation truly taught me to just go with the flow - all will work out and stop stressing so much - oh, and work, work will always be there and it can in fact wait!

The Nine Mile menu is great because every dish has an allergy key and allows you to clearly see what is and is not "Nicole-Friendly".

Mia and I both were drawn to the Nolan, a creamy coconut sriracha sauce mixed with some squash and toasted coconut. But, I wasn't married to it - so I asked the waitress what her favorites were and The Kensington 12 was mentioned along with the Soul Rebel. Which the sauce for Soul Rebel looked amazing, I wasn't feeling potatoes that day so I went with the Kensington. Mia and I had every intention of sharing, but when are plates arrived and we both took a spoonful of our own dishes and then exchanged, for a bit of one another's and then knew immediately, while both dishes were exceptional - we choose the right one for ourselves.

The Kensington 12 packed a bit more of a punch with its red coconut curry sauce and fresh herbs! Yum!

Meal time was rather silent, as we both devoured our soul-warming dishes! All I have heard since we left was how Mia wants to know how to make the dish back at home! Nine Mile, help a girl out and share some recipes?

If you are ever in the Asheville area, please do check out this awesome little join and enjoy their very accommodate and delicious menu! You won't be disappointed as pricing is very reasonable!


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