Tia Lupita Hot Sauce

Tia Lupita Hot Sauce was kind enough to send me a sample for review.
I must start by saying, I am still holding Formosa Hot Sauce as my comparison for the quality, taste, and visual appeal of all hot sauces.

I started by educating myself on Tia Lupita and found that the sauce heritage, like Formosa, also originated in Mexico, from what I picture to be, an adorable Mexican women- whoot whoot, high hopes here that the same authentic flavors that I fell madly in love with from Formosa could possibly also be in Tia Lupita.

I kept ready and found, even more, similarities to Formosa, so we have, recipe originated from a woman in Mexico and then the company founders both migrated to California.  Hector, the owner of Tia Lupita, named the hot sauce in honor of his mother and even designed the logo with her mind.  I love the curl on top of her head - it actually reminds me of my nana! Family love, family traditions, family recipes - a few of my favorite things - so before even having taste-tested Tia Lupita, I was already giving them high-fives!

Packaging, the hot sauce arrived packed beautifully and even included a hot pink roller ;) - cute and clever for Mama Tia Lupita!

Ingredients, so sorry Formosa, but Tia Lupita wins on this one - with only 7 ingredients, all of which are something near-and-dear to my tastebuds (red chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, salt, black pepper, oregano, and cumin) no oil, no additives, no GMOs, gluten-free, vegan, oil-free, all things I can pronounce - I'm starting to shout inside and out with pure excitement. I keep reading, and even more excitement comes from the knowledge that they toast their seasonings - uh, I can't wait for this flavor profile!

Taste, the sauce is thick! It's earthy! It's spicy! It's got flavor! This is authentic Mexican sauce ready to go onto just everything I can! In my opinion, the oregano was the shine here! It was nice to have a sauce that was not watered-down, had spice, had flavor, and spices! I must say, I have yet to purchase another product like Tia Lupita and I can't wait to keep making more dishes with it!

Conclusion,  head over to Tia Lupita's site and order some sauce ASAP and let Hector know I love love love his sauce and say hi!


  1. Hello Nicole....you really need to try my good friend Sebastian Rojas's hot sauce. His company is Chipotlan Hot Sauce. He has two brands....Pa'Su Madre and Don Chingon. You can message me on Facebook or my YouTube channel if you are interested. Bill Moore's Hot & Spicy Reviews.


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