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Vegan Gluten-Free Jackfruit Cubano

I'm back at the Juice Merchant - to support local, donate to Philabundance, all while feeding myself wholesome healthy food!

I've been staring down the Jackfruit Cubano for some time so today was the day I went for it!

The sandwich came out duly noted, gluten-free and ready for me to take a bite!
The first bite in and I had a pleasure of taking a trip down memory lane. I was back in my freshman year of college when I hate meat and enjoyed/lived off pastrami sandwiches! The same taste that I recalled was distinct in the Juice Merchant's vegan version.

Half-way through and the high salt content and lack of "meat" juice became relevant but it was still an enjoyable sandwich.

The salad, while fresh, I didn't love the burnt-like chickpeas (I was pretty sure I would chip a tooth) nor the dressing. I wanted something more innovative or maybe Tahini based. I am not entirely sure what I was looking for, but just know I wasn't loving this one...

Price wise, this san…

Luhv Cafe - Vegan Bistro in Hatboro PA

Luhv, a family owned and operated vegan, gluten-free and non-gmo business started in 2015 with just a small product line: Black Bean Plantain Roasted Poblano Burger,  Sweet Potato JalapeƱo Soup and their famous Energy Soup.

The Lucci Family created Luhv with some important core values in mind - how can they help be an advocate for their customers, supporting local, and creating a product with sustainability in mind.

Since 2015,
      You can now find the Luhv products in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, and D.C.
               Check out the site here for additional details.
       They expanded their product line to include a Garbanzo Flax Chipotle Burger
       AND........they opened a Luhv Vegan Bistro in Hatboro, PA

I met Facundo Lucci back when they were just starting out at the first ever- Great Philly Gluten Free Expo. I immediately fell in love with Luhv. The product not only tasted great, texture held up, environmentally conscious AND family-owned! I was alrea…

Updates on my Life

It has been awhile since I posted an update on where I am in life today.

While some have questioned me, asking, "these posts, they are public, doesn't it cause you anxiety to be so raw and put everything out there like that?"

My answer has always been the same thing, "No." This process is actually rather therapeutic for me.

When I first start typing, I am never really sure what is going to come out. I just sit down with a warm cup of tea and starting blabbing on and on, essentially to myself and while doing so, my fingers start moving and capturing some of the words I am spitting out.

I have noticed that I have spent a great deal of time reflecting on my progress recently. Thoughts like, "wow, how was I ever in that state, why would I have ever let that have bothered me, etc." keep coming up. I take these reflections as a sign of additional healing. I am at the point where I can see right from wrong for myself. I know I want to be happy and to do so, …

Creamy Vegan and Gluten-Free Savory Curry Zucchini Oats

With summer quickly fading away, my body has been craving less and less cool foods and begging for warm carbs!

One of my favorite lunches to take to work is a savory oatmeal. It is filling, it is fast and it is easy to meal-prep.

Curry Powder
Mustard Seeds (yellow or black)
Summer Squash
Gluten-Free Oats
Seaweed (your choice)

I start with toasting my seasonings. Then gradually adding water, seaweed and summer squash.  once everything has steamed well together, I run everything through my Vitamix blender until smooth and creamy.

I portion my soup out into glass jars and pack them for the week.
When ready to create my oats, I measure out 1/2 cup of oats (or more, depending on hungry I am) pour in the soup and add some chopped summer squash to make more of a "chunky" consistency.

I then heat in the microwave (I know, we all try to avoid it, but it works well when I am at work) for about 7 minutes. The last thing to do is enjoy!

All Natural Dog Flea Spray

Who wants to spray their dogs with harmful chemicals? Not only do I not want these chemicals around me, I don't want them on my Lutana either.

With a little research, I found a recipe for something affordable that works rather well!

Dog Flea Spray:
Dark colored glass spray bottle
Witch Hazel
Texas Cedar Wood (6 drops)
Clove Bud (8 drops)
Cinnamon Bark (20 drops)

The Juice Merchant - Narberth, PA Opening Day

" You Don't Have To Cook Fancy OR Complicated Masterpieces JUST Good Food from FRESH Ingredients." 

 While I have visited the Juice Merchant in Manayunk, PA a number of times, I will admit I have never loved their execution or prices - BUT I do LOVE that they offer a healthy alternative to the mainstream non-vegan, non-gluten-free, covered in oils, additives, fat, etc. menu options.
So when they had an opening at their newer larger location in Narberth, PA - I had to go check it out! 
I will say, A. beautiful, clean space. B. I can see some price savings sent down to the customer. C. LOVE that they work with Philabundance ( Driving Hunger from our communities) D. The chickpea sandwich was $5.00 (non-gluten-free but can be made gluten-free for an additional charge) smelled amazing! 
So get out to the new location and help support a company that wants to provide you wholesome, local food - did I mention Vegan Treats are stocked here?! AND support Philabundance! 

Labor Day Recipes

During the summer months, my parents' home literally becomes a personal farmers market. Seriously, they have three full-sized refrigerators, three full-sized freezers and a baby fridge/freezer combo specially meant for my gluten-free specialty items.

Thankfully, they do a lot of canning (sauce, jams, pickled vegetables, etc.), dehydrating (making our own hot pepper powder, dried fruit...) and freezing (bananas for those summer banana whips) most of their produce. BUT....sometimes, we find ourselves with an abundance of fresh vegetables that we must use up rather quickly and my parents tend to get stuck in their traditional recipes and unsure of how to use their product.

That is where I come in and get to harness my creativity.

When I first informed my mom that I would be making a succotash for the family labor day meal - she looked at me with a face of disgust and informed me that both her and dad do NOT enjoy succotash.

Well, what they didn't enjoy are the typical Lima beans…

Zucchini Fritters (Gluten-Free, Vegan, Oil-Free)

Zucchini Fritters
Grated Zucchini
Grated Carrot
Grated Fresh Ginger
Grated Fresh Garlic
Chopped Baked Apple
Chopped Peach
Grated Summer Squash
Fresh Turmeric
Lemon Slices (Optional)
Pineapple Slices (Optional)

Grate all ingredients (minus lemon and pineapple slices) and mix together with the peach and apple. Once grated, you can squeeze out any extra water and form patty-like shapes.

I let mine sit overnight and then removed some of the additional water that pooled in the container. I transferred to a grill-friendly container, topped with fresh pineapple and lemon slices and grilled until warm.

I, of course, added some hot sauce to mine - but please feel free to dress it up according to your preferences. Next time I think these would be great in a wrap of seaweed or tortilla shell.

Vegan Shredded Squash Cheese (Gluten-Free & Vegan)

Squash Vegan Shredded Cheese:

Grate a yellow summer squash (essentially, you can use zucchini as well, you just won't have the yellow coloring)

Drizzle fresh lemon juice

Sprinkle some nutritional yeast