Luhv Cafe - Vegan Bistro in Hatboro PA

Luhv, a family owned and operated vegan, gluten-free and non-gmo business started in 2015 with just a small product line: Black Bean Plantain Roasted Poblano Burger,  Sweet Potato JalapeƱo Soup and their famous Energy Soup.

The Lucci Family created Luhv with some important core values in mind - how can they help be an advocate for their customers, supporting local, and creating a product with sustainability in mind.

Since 2015,
      You can now find the Luhv products in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, and D.C.
               Check out the site here for additional details.
       They expanded their product line to include a Garbanzo Flax Chipotle Burger
       AND........they opened a Luhv Vegan Bistro in Hatboro, PA

I met Facundo Lucci back when they were just starting out at the first ever- Great Philly Gluten Free Expo. I immediately fell in love with Luhv. The product not only tasted great, texture held up, environmentally conscious AND family-owned! I was already a sucker and couldn't wait to head to Whole Foods for more!

Not too long after the Expo, a rumor started that Luhv would be opening a Bistro - where, when, did the rumors have validity? Everyone wanted to know!

A few months down the road and Luhv Vegan Bistro was open! It took me way too long to get there but, finally, I pulled the trigger and off to Hatboro, PA I was. Not really too familiar with the Hatboro area but heck, I needed some more Luhv in my life!

The drive was just about 40-45 minutes from the Philly area - which isn't too bad!

My friend Maureen and I were off for a wonderful girls-lunch on a gorgeous end of summer day!

Facundo (the marketing brains of the business), his father, Daniel (head chef and culinary creator), and his mother, Sylvia (the passionate philosophical mother of the company) where all sitting down together enjoy a family lunch.

Maureen and I settled in, took a glance at the 100% gluten-free menu (with a bread substitution) and struggled making our decisions - I wanted EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!! Too bad my stomach can only fit one meal at a time!

Maureen settled on the Black Bean Burger with a side of chips and pickle and the saffron risotto soup.

I went with the one and only burger I had not yet tried, the Tuna Salad and a "Super" Gazpacho (with pineapple, kale, and pea protein milk). We settled down next to the Lucci family and began our journey of how Luhv came about.

Chef Daniel went to the kitchen to create some new menu protocols for Sylvia to try. Facundo headed to the back (the Luhv's workshop) to help move some of their larger shipment requests and Sylvia begin the tour guide.

Maureen and I sat in awe of the Lucci family history, family values, family education, and Sylvia's humble and loving nature.

The Luccis started their family-journey with Cafe Con Leche, a successful restaurant in Newtown, Pa. Then, as too many of us are familiar with, Sylvia found herself ill and the family lost much of what they had.

This moment of testing, is where the Lucci family of 6, huddled together as one strong support and found their way to health, happiness, and "Luhv".

While the Lucci's had not always lived a vegan lifestyle, they found that we really are "what we eat".  And in eating a diet that is local, seasonal and vegan truly helped their family find their way back to health. Which is where we are now so fortunate to have Luhv in our freezers!

The tour guide continued as Maureen and I devoured our lunches! I was in heaven! A gluten-free vegan tuna salad that tasted this amazing...hmmm, was I dreaming? Not at all. Sylvia informed me that every product is not just vegan, but it is made with "luhv" and with the mindset that they want to provide healthy sustainable food options to their Luhv family. For example, the tuna salad is made with gmo-free garbanzo beans and includes both flax and chia seeds to increase fiber and protein. 

Chef Daniel really is a miracle worker helping fulfill veganism one patron at a time.
Speaking of which, we got to witness a non-vegan, typically meats-and-potato patron come in, order the energy soup and find himself compelled to express his gratitude for to the Lucci family for making a vegan product that he would not only willingly try but enjoy. He was already planning his return!

Our lunch was complete. Maureen and I both felt wiser- having listened to Sylvia's many life-quotes, and stuffed!

So stop saying Hatboro, what's that? Get in your car and go! You will love the 100% sustainable bistro  - the bar, tables, and front desk all created by hand by the Lucci boys and from sustainable products.Oh and if you can't get to Hatboro, find them in a store near you!


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