The Juice Merchant - Narberth, PA Opening Day



" You Don't Have To Cook Fancy OR Complicated Masterpieces JUST Good Food from FRESH Ingredients." 


 While I have visited the Juice Merchant in Manayunk, PA a number of times, I will admit I have never loved their execution or prices - BUT I do LOVE that they offer a healthy alternative to the mainstream non-vegan, non-gluten-free, covered in oils, additives, fat, etc. menu options.

So when they had an opening at their newer larger location in Narberth, PA - I had to go check it out! 

I will say, A. beautiful, clean space. B. I can see some price savings sent down to the customer. C. LOVE that they work with Philabundance ( Driving Hunger from our communities) D. The chickpea sandwich was $5.00 (non gluten-free but can be made gluten-free for an additional charge) smelled amazing! 

So get out to the new location and help support a company that wants to provide you wholesome, local food - did I mention Vegan Treats are stocked here?! AND support Philabundance! 



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