Updates on my Life

It has been awhile since I posted an update on where I am in life today.

While some have questioned me, asking, "these posts, they are public, doesn't it cause you anxiety to be so raw and put everything out there like that?"

My answer has always been the same thing, "No." This process is actually rather therapeutic for me.

When I first start typing, I am never really sure what is going to come out. I just sit down with a warm cup of tea and starting blabbing on and on, essentially to myself and while doing so, my fingers start moving and capturing some of the words I am spitting out.

I have noticed that I have spent a great deal of time reflecting on my progress recently. Thoughts like, "wow, how was I ever in that state, why would I have ever let that have bothered me, etc." keep coming up. I take these reflections as a sign of additional healing. I am at the point where I can see right from wrong for myself. I know I want to be happy and to do so, I not only need to stop judging others, I need to stop judging myself.

On the mental side of things:
I have found that while I was making great strides in my growth, I was still trapped in worrying about what others thought of me, the opinions they created and their actions towards me.

Then one day I said, "F-it! If they don't want to include me, if they don't want to think nice things about me, if they don't want to have a relationship with me - so be it, because you know what, I am awesome!"

Once I officially said this out loud, I started to believe it myself and found even greater comfort in my own skin.

But I still needed a little push / friendly-reminder from a wise-older sister, to stop worrying and taking things so personally. She was right and that evening, I stopped. I didn't need to carry around that extra baggage and honestly, while someone might appear to have it all, might appear to have their shit together, and might appear happy - who knows what it is like behind their closed doors?

In addition, I have been emerging from my comfort zone a little bit more each day. Taking walks without social media - that's right, I left my phone behind. This way, Lutana and I can enjoy all the wonderful things that Mother Nature has to offer us! Isn't Mother Nature amazing? She continues to amaze me on just how healing a long walk in her backyard can be as healing as it is to me.

On the physical side of things:
I can't say too much has changed in this department - but every little bit of progress is progress and we need to stop and honor and celebrate every inch of that progress!

 I have been letting go of all the food rules and eating what I want, when I want all while listening to what my body has been asking for. Which, has been making meal-prep pretty difficult - finding I prepare one thing and then end up listening to my body and finding another to consume.

My body has not been loving tossing the rule book out, by my mind sure does! It is much easier not to have to stress over - WAIT, I already had this so now I will have to eat this this and or this instead of that....

I allowed myself to enjoy the last of the summer watermelon. Something I have not had in years - all because of proper food combining rules! I forgot how hydrating and healing watermelon can be!

On the dog side of things:
Lutana has been slowly learning - THANK YOU LORD! I was about to go out of my mind if she didn't start picking up some of our training!

With her learning and adapting to my rules and regulations and myself learning and adapting to her rules and needs - we are getting along and enjoy each others company.

This past weekend, we found ourselves, getting up and leaving our safety-net of our 4-walls and just walking down to main street. We turned our phone off and enjoyed people watching, people chatting, some complimentary coffee and the last of the summer weather!

This day was just the medication I needed, it left me feeling vibrant, strong, empowered, and back to my old self.

On the crafty side of things:
I have been saving all the big "thoughts" that pop into my head and then actually acting on them!
Check out this wedding plate that I made!

Materials Needed:
- White Plate, Platter, Serving Bowl, etc. - really any white item with some sort of flat-surface will do
- Permanent Marker - you could get really crafty and use multiple colors, but I stuck with the basics
- An idea of your theme - recipe, quote, names, picture.... get creative!

- I cleaned my white plate
- Drew a first draft in pencil
- Traced over the pencil
- Cooked the plate for 30-minutes at 425.
- Let the plate cool
- Take pride in your creation


  1. You be you, I'll be me, right? (this is what I'm getting to say to my neighbors who's complaining about my cat being outside - does it work?)

    Adore you and love everything you're doing. Keep it up.


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