Vegan Gluten-Free Jackfruit Cubano

I'm back at the Juice Merchant - to support local, donate to Philabundance, all while feeding myself wholesome healthy food!

I've been starring down the Jackfruit Cubano for sometime so today was the day I went for it!

The sandwich came out duly noted, gluten-free and ready for me to take a bite!
The first bite in and I had a pleasure to taking a trip down memory lane. I was back in my freshman year of college when I hate meat and enjoyed / lived off pastrami sandwiches! The same taste that I recalled was distinct in the Juice Merchant's vegan version.

Half-way through and the high salt content and lack of "meat" juice became relevant but it was still an enjoyable sandwich.

The salad, while fresh, I didn't love the burnt-like chickpeas (I was pretty sure I would chip a tooth) nor the dressing. I wanted something more innovative or maybe Tahini based. I am not entirely sure what I was looking for, but just know I wasn't loving this one...

Price wise, this sandwich is one of their more expensive sandwiches and came in just under $10.00. However, I was full until dinner, which is rare for me - so paying a bit more than I typically would to stay fuller longer, well I guess that is a fair trade off.


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