Gluten Free Allergy Free Secaucus, NJ 2017 Expo Review

Gluten Free Allergy Free Secaucus, NJ 2017 Expo review time!

Here it is, after a weekend of self-indulging in some old-time favorites, some new favorites, and some fails, here is my personal and family's reviews.

Some New Products:
Mozaics Chips - These are chips are made from veggies, rice, beans, and potatoes. Taste and crispness was there, but the best thing about the Mozaics? They support the Chicago Mosaic school - the first and only not-for-profit mosaic art school in America. I enjoyed the salsa variation but steered clear of the dairy options.  However, my brother-in-law let me know the cheddar variety taste just like goldfish.

Green Mustache - Heck yes, gluten and vegan product!!! They brought with them their snack packs: "Cheddarish", "Parmesan" Rosemary, and "Spicyish" crackers. The entire group enjoyed these! The Spicyish and Parmesan delivered the crisp flavor profile that I have been seeking in a gluten and vegan cracker option - best thing about Green Mustache? They are a woman owned company - heck yes to more woman power!

Gratify Gluten-Free - We tried the hummus jalapeno cracker -- the spiciness was there! AND they did not taste like cardboard!

IsiBIsi Gluten Free Pasta - Okay, so I do try and stay clear of any corn products, BUT they are from Italy and my family tried it first and raved about their pasta so I couldn't help but sneak in a bite, or two, or three!

Italian Food Culture, is GMO free, which is likely why I was okay with ingesting the corn within their product.
Not only do they carry a line of gluten free and vegan pasta, but they carry this awesome product equipment that makes contamination less of an issue for our big glutenized restaurants.  There Voglia with 4 baskets was on display this weekend and I was amazed. This table top cookware allows for handsfree individual portion cooking.

Health-Ade Kombucha - New this year, the family enjoyed the "crisp" refreshing options! California Grape was a nice change from the typical Kombucha flavors, Cayenne cleanse was right up my alley!

Hilary's Gluten-Free and Vegan Burgers - Hilary's has been around for some time but I hadn't had the opportunity to try them prior. I will say that the taste was full-bodied and the texture, the texture was on the soft, almost mushy side of things, but I didn’t mind that at all.

Go Veggie - while my Italian Cheese-Eating Family Monsters, the cheese slices didn't meet their fancy, but they did in fact enjoy the vegan cheese spreads!

Bay Ridge Bakery - came with a cheesecake of some sort, but really, they carry several gluten-free options including breads, pizza, muffins and an array of desserts. While not being a HUGE dessert fan, I wouldn't consider if a favorite of mine, but the family seemed to enjoy!

Ethel's - For Ethel's I broke my vegan pledge and went straight for that darn Pecan Dandy Bars - they BEST gluten-free dessert I have ever had! AMAZING!!!!

Lebby Snacks - Chickpea snacks, soon to be in four flavors, even one vegan option!

Brianna's Dressings
- A range of fine salad dressings - BUT lots of oils, no vegan options, and their entire product line does contain some gluten-ized items.

-  I didn't get the opportunity to check out their buns, but the granola was decent.

- Sadly, somehow or another, I missed this one. So, I can't report on a review and I am so bummed - maybe another time.

Lakonia Greek Products
- While we LOVE some good olives and oils in our Italian Family - the pricing was a bit too high for us to indulge.

Path of Life
- Organic and all natural frozen side dishes.

Sundown Naturals
- GMO-Free, Lactose-free, gluten and wheat free, and delicious vitamins!

- a 100% gluten-free restaurant in NYC - I can't wait to come review sometime soon.

True Made Foods
- a line of condiments made from real food highlighting vegetables.

- Asian inspired snack kits.

- Vegan, Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, organic, sustainable, and UnReal Taste! OMG this was either #1 or #2 favorite of the weekend! Seriously the entire family enjoyed these products! Wait, let me repeat that, I enjoyed a dessert / candy? Say what?! This is unheard of - that is how good these guys are!

Eclair Naturals
-  Amazing hand-crafted soaps brought to the expo for review and we all know I am a sucker for gluten-free good quality, no junk added body soap!

Simply Trudy
- AMMMMMEN! This product is amazing! New to the expo this year, this 100% grain-free bread is not vegan, but it was my favorite! Their Caraway variety was exactly what I recall rye bread tasting like back in my gluten-consuming days. Their cinnamon raison bread is just the right amount of sweet and oh so delicious and did I mention how moist their bread is? This is not your typically dry, cardboard, taste-less gluten-free bread! Run to a retail location near you and buy immediately!
Please check out Simply Trudy's website and read why grain-free!

BFree Foods
- Check out this Dublin based company coming to America to rock our gluten-free lives! Seriously their bagels outranked The Great Kneads (Sorry!!!!)!
Not only did I enjoy the bagel variety, my entire family did and couldn’t stop talking about how they had no idea it was gluten-free!
BFree's Pita bread - OH MY! Hurry and try it out for yourself, that is all I have to say on this one!
High in fiber, egg-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free, non-GMO, no added sugar, Vegan... I can go on and on - seriously just go get some for yourself!

 Product Fails:
Lebby Snacks - Chickpea snacks. I only tried the chocolate and anything with a little chocolate usually taste good to me and I enjoyed them, but my family would consider this one a fail!

- I tried their potpie and honestly, couldn't keep it down. It was carry the taste of a cardboard freezer.

(Pizza) - The gluten-free and vegan pizza was fail! Not one of us enjoyed it.

Lundberg - While I LOVE LOVE their rice, their new product line of Arancini Rice Balls, to me, was literally a mouth full of oil! I would have liked a little less oil and some vegan options.

Path of Life
- This brand was one of those on my list that I couldn't wait to try! I was super excited for a company to carry organic, natural, some vegan vegetable options, but maybe I had too high of an expectation, because I wasn't wowed. I felt the flavor was missing and the family didn't place this on the win-win list either.

Pasta Legume
-Yes, this made the family favorite list, but I was less than pleased. I felt as if the texture would never hold up to warm sauces and reheating, forget it.

Natural Vert
- Not a fan of their product at all! Seemed very un-fresh and flavor was lacking. Too bad, I was looking forward checking out their product line.

- Not a family favorite- again, it was like eating cardboard.

The Greater Knead
- okay, this one hurts my soul - but look out the Greater Knead because the family marked this one as a fail in comparison to BFree's bagels!

True Made Foods -The BBQ sauce was not a family favorite. 

Family Favorites (my vote included):
Maddalenas -  still a tried and true family favorite! The pumpkin is a great satisfier for all of our pumpkin-everything fans!

Honey Stinger
- while the waffle bites are nice - the energy gummy chews are for the win! Thumbs up for sure!

- A gluten-free beer that a gluten-indulging male wants to purchase? Looks like we found one! Thank you Glutenberg for creating a beer that contains no gluten and taste like a high-quality beer!

Brazi Bites
- We tried these babies last year and once again, they came in as a family favorite! These little guys are soft, chewy, and a bundle of cheesy awesomeness.

Blue Diamond - launched a line of rice and almond crackers. The family loved these little crisps!
Isi Isi Gluten Free Pasta

Health-Ade Kombucha

Garden Lites
-  The family loves the healthy veggie bites!


Against the Grain
-  Their gluten-free pesto pizza was on the top of the favorite product list! My brother-in-law raved about this product for a couple of days! Reminder, he is an Italian non-gluten-free guy - so extra points for Against the Grain.

Brianna's Dressings

Pasta Legume
- The brother-in-law purchased a couple boxes to take home.

Rhythm Super Food
- The family loves these healthy vegetable chips! I wish they would have had the Mango Habanero and Honey Mustard varieties available to try but we do love the Kool Ranch.

Schar - Need I say anymore? They were showcasing their 10-grain seed bread and topped it with a bit of peanut butter, banana and toasted coconut - DELICIOUS and this one does not contain eggs!

Tamari Soy Sauce - the family always enjoys San-J products!

Sundown Naturals

- We can't ever get enough of this one!  I would like to check out their sugar-free variety!

- The black bean dip was a fam-fav!

- Once again a family favorite - I wouldn't make it my favorite, a little too much oil for me, but still a decent product.


Metaball Nutrition
- Plant-based, soy-free little protein bites that honestly taste like dessert. we enjoyed the apple pie variety! Sadly, they were running and expo sale, but the discount code was down during the expo - so we left empty handed :(

Eclair Naturals

BFree Foods 

My Favorites (not including my family's):  
Green Mustache

Perfectly Free
-  Last year I had the opportunity to check this new product out - yes, it is gluten-free and vegan and a taste of heaven! Perfectly Free, you passed the favorite list for two years in a row.

Hilary's Gluten-Free and Vegan Burgers
(Cheesecake) -  This gluten-free and vegan cheesecake was amazing! You couldn't tell it was vegan and it was honestly one of my favorite products of the expo.

GoMacro Bars
- Decent bars, wide variety, and sustainably sourced!

- Always a favorite!

The Rachel Way
- Here is my plug for The Rachel Way - seriously, this non-profit is doing amazing things! We all know that times are hard and even more difficulty when you have one or more family members that need gluten and dairy free food options. At The Rachel Way (a gluten and dairy free food pantry), we aim to help all in need! Please consider a donation, volunteering, or just spreading the word to those in need!

Simply Trudy
- AMMMMMEN! Amen! Amen! Amen! No oils, no soy, no additives, no bad crap! Just seeds and love! Oh and eggs - but....only one Nicole negative, really?! That deserves a lot of praise.

BFree Foods

Overall Review:

As always we enjoyed our time at the GFAFExpo!
Top favorite products would have to be:
#1, BFree Foods bagel and pita bread
#2, Simply Trudy bread, any variety
#3, UnReal- the almond butter variety was amazing!
#4, Isi Isi Gluten Free Pasta
#5, Perfectly Free 
#6, Ethel's
#7, Green Mustache


  1. Wish I had gone!! I am definately in to try the place in NYC!


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