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Sri Lanka Cinnamon Tour

While in Sri Lanka, I had the honor to see first hand how cinnamon is harvested. Which is funny, because the night prior, while I could not sleep, I was researching as much as possible about cinnamon and what I would be able to see and not see and it was clear that tourists are no longer able to visit and see first-hand how cinnamon is harvested. I awoke the next day and assumed we would head towards the cinnamon island to get my cinnamon fix.

Our driver, Eshan, pulled over a number of times and would speak to the locals. I had no idea what he was saying but assumed he was asking for directions.

We arrived at our destination, Eshan hustled us out and started educating us on the cinnamon trees we were walking past.

I realized we were not near an island where I would board a boat and head out to the cinnamon island. Instead, Eshan had arranged for a private 1:1 cinnamon making tour. I was approaching tears I was so touched!

At home, almost every meal I eat as cinnamon in it, I drink tea…

Gluten-Free and Vegan In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - Getting Lost In TravelBy nfiamingo06 Nov 2017 6:30 pm
Chilling in the airport

Philadelphia International Airport (A)After having trouble with security check-in (my passport set the x-ray specialist to investigate), Maureen and I took the opportunity to have a quick dinner and drinks before we began our international journey.10:00 pm
Stuck on the terminal

Philadelphia international AirportAfter a 30-minute wait, we had been informed, engine number one was causing some issues and wouldn't automatically start - instead of freaking out, why not start a movie while we wait for the mechanics to come manually start engine number one.07 Nov 201712:00 am
Gluten-Free American Airlines Meal

Philadelphia International Airport (B)It’s just about midnight and due to the delay in engine number one starting, we are just now getting our dinner - the good news, special request meals get served first! A perk of being gluten-free!

Since both Maureen and I were freezing, I truly welcome…