Gift Ideas

I was fortunate this year that I was given an abundance of wonderful and very thoughtful gifts.

I really didn't ask for much, actually, I asked for one nice black cardigan to wear to my new job, but I found myself gifted a number of life-long cherishing pieces.

Talk to Animals made a powerful blue lace agate necklace that was gifted to me.

As the crow flies is another terrific necklace that I treasure. I have one other of their works (also gifted to me by my sister) and I have always gone back and admired their pieces, just never seemed to have the extra money for myself - so this particular gift was very near and dear to my heart! If you are not yet familiar with As the crow flies, check them out. They repurpose old ceramics into stunning pieces of jewlery.

Lastly, I received an inspirational bracelet that will forever remind me to "have faith", made by If only pretty shop.

“Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, everything is possible.”


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