Rice Congee (porridge) Gluten-Free & Vegan

Javentri Spice. The one and only spice that while in Sri Lanka, our Ayurvedic cooking instructor was unable to translate into its English meaning.  He tried different pronunciations and I tried to Google Search as best as I could and still no luck. 

I had no idea what was going into my freshly ground tea but I had been educated on its renowned health benefits.

A recent trip to my local Indian Market, I found myself in a discussion (about Sri Lanka cuisine) with one of the owners and long story short, showed him a quick photo of the spice I had been in search of and it just so happens that he knew exactly what it was and had it in stock. Which, apparently is a rarity as it is considered a specialty spice.

I, of course, purchased it without reservations. I got home and started researching some more. Javentri or "javitri" or Mace (the whole form) has a number of health benefits for us.

What I found is that Javentri is the outer covering of a nutmeg. Benefits range from:
-Keeping your digestive system healthy
-Encourages appetite
-Boost blood circulation
-Stress buster
-Dental health
-Protects kidneys
-Treats colds and coughs
-Wonderful aroma
-Traditional medicine(antifungal, antidepressant, etc.) 

The typical culinary uses include:
-Making sweets (puddings, etc.)
-In brewed milk or tea
-Made into a paste for pickled / fermented items
-Used in starches (Indian rice…. Mashed potatoes… the list goes on)

Craving a red rice porridge, I opted to try a new recipe which involved using the rice cooker (something I had not had luck with for porridges in the past), but hey, if you don't try, you won't know!

-1 cup Sri Lanka red rice
-8 cups of liquid (I used 4 cups homemade vegetable broth and 4 cups water)
-Fresh Garlic
-Freshly grated ginger
-Black pepper
-Cardamom and Javentri (ground fine)
-Portobello mushroom stems (to make a bit more broth like).

All ingredients went into the rice cooker - here is the important part - leave it uncovered! Cook for about 45-minutes than cover and switch to the "keep warm" setting. This should take about another 45-minutes to thicken up.



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