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Turmeric Vegetable Soup (Gluten-Free, Vegan, Oil-Free, Soy-Free)

This week I was blessed with a special sale on Turmeric. My local Indian Grocer had received a new shipment and wanted to move the older shipment quickly, SO lucky me, I scored turmeric for $.99 per pound! Unheard of!

Needless to say, I bought the entire 2-2.5lbs bag before I even thought about what I would make with all this turmeric, I mean, besides my ritual of a nightly and early morning turmeric and ginger tea.

When I arrived home and actually unpacked all of my turmerics, then I started to think about what I could possibly make.

Knowing I had a cooking class and a work potluck coming up. I had plenty of things to get creative with.

I started doing a bit of research for some inspiration but quickly decided - no, I know what my body is craving and I am going to work with that.

My cooking class menu quickly developed into:
1. Lemon-aid and turmeric Juice
2. Asian rice porridge with freshly grated ginger and turmeric
3. A cold Morrocan lentil salad with a turmeric infused honey dress…

Bollywood Bar and Grille, Harrisburg, PA Indian Food that is Gluten-Free, Vegan and Oil-Free

Eating out and finding Nicole-Friendly places tends to get easier and easier as I develop how I approach the eating establishments and their heightened awareness for the need to accommodate allergy-free requests. Plus, I think some actually enjoy the opportunity to get a bit extra creative in their delivery.
While most recent establishments have been great about providing vegetable dishes, I was craving some comfort, spicy food.
Which led me to a local establishment, Bollywood Bar and Grille.
My new approach: -I call and ask to speak with the manager or head chef.
-I begin with an apology that I might have a difficult request ahead of us, but I am very excited to check them out! -I let them know that my allergies are just that, they are needed for health reasons rather than preferences and that I look forward to any and all opportunities where I can eat out socially and enjoy myself. -I then let them know, I am gluten-free, vegan and oil-free and prefer to not have additional sugar or…

Vegan Mac N Cheese (gluten-free, soy-free, yeast-free and nut-free)

Despite my physical appearances and love for all things fruits and vegetables, there are times when I just want a crab-loaded childhood favorite comfort food.
Recently, I have been craving a gluten-free vegan mac and no-cheese that would really hit home with my childhood thoughts on Kraft Mac and Cheese and my mom's addition of green peas!
Knowing I wouldn't be able to create the famous blue box's recipe to Nicole standards - I was trying to find some alternatives and just ignore my mac and no-cheese desire.
But when Valentine's day came around any my family requested homemade mac and cheese, I said to heck with my expectations, I am going to create a life-changing Nicole-friendly option that will have me forgetting about that blue guy.
I knew color and texture would play a large roll into this recipe so I started with carrots and an Indian Purple Sweet Potato. And from there, I just started looking around and winging the recipe.
Here is what I ended up with:

Mellow Minded Cafe, Linglestown, PA

As I am still finding my "home" back in central PA, I signed myself and my twin sister, up for a holistic wellness dinner hosted by Mellow Minded Café. I had never been to the venue, but you know how I am – a bit apprehensive about eating out unless needed. The food is usually not Nicole-Friendly, it's costly and typically flavorless. But I do need to get out and assimilated with resources in the area. My sister and her husband have actually encouraged my attendance at mellow Minded Café before, but I just couldn't be bothered to deal with the necessary steps I take to ensure a safe meal.
My first impression was directed towards space itself. The big plus for having parking available! The second plus for having successfully created a warm, yet hip space. You will find modern art displayed throughout the space, a large chalkboard wall menu, metal stools, and a couple family-style tables set up as well.
Prior to attending, I spoke with Amanda on my needs (gluten-free, …