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Family Reunion In Granville, Oh (Vega & Gluten-Free)

Too many times I hear those with allergies complaining that travel is impossible and no one is willing to accommodate them.

For me, I have not found this the case, ever. While yes, traveling with allergies does require a bit more preparation and packing space, it is achievable! And by no means do I ever lay the burden on someone else to provide for me. I am always grateful when there are accommodations but I come prepared and with all of my meals and snacks planned out, just to be safe!

For this past weekend, the family was driving out to Granville, OH for a camping stay. I was aware that a microwave would be available for use, making my food options a bit more flexible than if I was to tent camp.

For my breakfasts, I had made a carrot, apple and celery juice. I packed a variety of fruit to snack on and Enjoy Life's new Sweet Potato with Maple Syrup bars.

For my lunch and dinners, I packed two options:
1. My vegan "meatballs" with Cybele's Lentil, Kale, and Broccoli p…

Enjoy Life Products for the Win! (Top 8 Free)

Folks, if you follow me on istagram, than you saw my recent post on Enjoy Life's new Grain & Seed bars and how my mother (normally dislikes anything gluten-free or vegan) devoured these babies!

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Father's Day Goodies

Last weekend we celebrated Father's Day and decided to revisit a local park for a family picnic. Little did we know when we planned this picnic that it would be close to 100 degrees and very humid out!

Good thing we got there is time to claim a fully-shaded picnic table!

On the menu for this event was a roasted asparagus salad and cauliflower wings.

Asparagus Salad
-Fresh asparagus
-Olive Oil
-Garlic, minced
-Balsamic Vinegar
-Bell Peppers
-Salt and Pepper

Trim the asparagus

Toss the asparagus in some olive oil, salt, and pepper and then roast for 10-15 minutes at 350.

While the asparagus is roasting, chop your vegetables. Mix with remaining ingredients and let sit.

Once the asparagus has roasted. Remove from the oven and let it cool for about 15 minutes.

Cut the asparagus into smaller pieces and then mix with remaining ingredients.

Let the salad sit for better flavor, but you could serve immediately if need be.

Cauliflower Wings
-Salt a…

Vegan Carrot Pulp Tuna Salad (Gluten-Free, Oil-Free, Soy-Free, & Nut-Free)

Vegan Carrot Pulp Tuna Salad

-Carrot Pulp
-Spicy Mustard
-Cayenne Pepper
-Fresh Parsley
-Pickle Juice
-Lemon Juice
-Black Pepper

Juice a couple of carrots (I then used them for a carrot, celery apple juice)
Soak some dried seaweed for about 6 minutes
Chop: celery and onions
Mix together: All ingredients and let soak a good 24 hours to really take in all of the flavors.

I choose to skip a tuna salad sandwich and went with a beet noodle salad instead!

My Favorite Vegan, Gluten-Free and Oil-Free Vegetable Burger

I may have perfected the vegetable burger, too bad I measured nothing and was so exhausted the day I was cooking that I am not 100% certain what I had put into this creation - BUT while rocking these burgers during a work lunch, everyone assumed I was eating a real burger and was amazed when I told them it was a vegan and gluten-free burger.

I know they looked realistic, smelled delicious, but the taste and texture are what made this burger my favorite version thus far!

What I do know is that I started with a base of a white sweet potato, broccoli, carrots, beets, dried acorn squash, and then used spices like ginger, turmeric, garlic, onion, curry leaves and red pepper... and I know I rolled the burgers in my green banana flour - but other than that - not really sure what I did differently than I have been, but these babies rocked!

 So go have fun with whatever ingredients you have chilling in your fridge and cupboards and make something awesome, or making a complete fail, but either …

Trying Dehydrated Strawberries...again...

This time, I was lucky enough to get in season and locally picked berries so I couldn't resist and of course, accepted the offer to purchase an entire case.

This time, I knew I still wanted to keep the berries in their whole form but wanted to help them dry out a bit quicker.

I took the time to cut off each berries top and then placed them in a strict line placement in the dehydrator. I set the temperature for 135 and time for 12 hours and walked away.

Broccoli Burgers (Vegan, Gluten-Free, & Oil-Free)

Now, I won't take credit for this one, as I actually let the farmer know I did NOT want to purchase an entire case of broccoli. However, dad spoke up that he would, in fact, love a case of broccoli (and bell peppers, and beets (for me), and melons and the list just keeps on going).
So now I have been tasked with getting creative. My digestive system doesn't hate broccoli but it also doesn't always love it, so my creativity is more on my parent's meals but I have been experimenting as well.

So far, for my parents, I have made:
1. Broccoli and potato tots
2. Broccoli and cheddar soup
3. Broccoli and parmesan bites
4. Broccoli salad

None was hated, but my mom did screech, "What next? Will I find broccoli in my oatmeal?" Me, personally, I love savory oatmeal so I would have likely been all in on this idea, mom, not so much.

For my own little creations, I decided to add some to my veggie burgers that I have been having fun with. They are basically the same main in…

Dried Strawberries

As summer is finally starting to approach us in Central PA, my favorite farmers market is getting ready to kick into high gear- which truly makes my heart sing. Okay, while not every piece of produce is local, all of the vendors do offer a variety of their own harvest and supplement from food auctions when needed- but this, to me, is still way better than supporting to mainstream grocery chains.

This past week, I ended up coming home with:
-potatoes, mom wanted to make potato salad
-onions, because onions are a kitchen staple
-1/2 dozen red peppers
-a case of portobellos
-a case of shiitake mushrooms
-1/2 case of oyster mushrooms
-a case and 1/2 of fresh ginger
-a case of strawberries
-a case of blackberries
-5+lbs cherries
-8 ears of corn, for mom...
-2 melons, for dad
-what they had left of bananas
-3 overly stuffed vases of mangoes - Yum!!

Needless to say, I’ve been busy cooking, preserving and getting creative!

But I knew I could not keep up with the strawberries. Does everyone el…

Shiitake Mushroom Vegan Ceviche (Gluten-Free)

Mushroom Ceviche

Fresh Lime Juice
Fresh Lemon Juice
Freshly Grated Garlic
Freshly Grated Ginger
Freshly Grated Turmeric
Apple Cider Vinegar
Fresh Cilantro
Black Pepper
Bell Peppers
Fresh Seaweed
Thinly sliced shitake mushrooms

Mix all ingredients, give it a toss, and let it absorb all of the flavors for a minimum of 24 hours

Carrot Curry Salad (Vegan & Gluten-Free)

What does a girl do when she has fallen in love with her cold beet salad and no one has fresh beets?! Well, this girl finds carrots and substitute them in for the beets - let's see how well this pans out...

Carrot Curry Salad
Fresh Carrots (2-3)
Curry Leaves

Start by dry sauteing the spices.
Add a small amount of water
Mix in the carrots
**Be careful to watch and ensure you have enough water to get your carrots to a nice tender feeling.
Add additional fresh curry leaves