Family Reunion In Granville, Oh (Vega & Gluten-Free)

Too many times I hear those with allergies complaining that travel is impossible and no one is willing to accommodate them.

For me, I have not found this the case, ever. While yes, traveling with allergies does require a bit more preparation and packing space, it is achievable! And by no means do I ever lay the burden on someone else to provide for me. I am always grateful when there are accommodations but I come prepared and with all of my meals and snacks planned out, just to be safe!

For this past weekend, the family was driving out to Granville, OH for a camping stay. I was aware that a microwave would be available for use, making my food options a bit more flexible than if I was to tent camp.

For my breakfasts, I had made a carrot, apple and celery juice. I packed a variety of fruit to snack on and Enjoy Life's new Sweet Potato with Maple Syrup bars.

For my lunch and dinners, I packed two options:
1. My vegan "meatballs" with Cybele's Lentil, Kale, and Broccoli pasta roasted red pepper sauce, curried beets, steamed artichoke hearts, and a curried beet greens and shaved coconut side.
     -Cybele's pasta was actually better than I thought this plant-based pasta would be. While cooking it, it becomes a bit mushy and I was concerned about how it would hold up on my trip and the need to be reheated. However, once cooked, this pasta carries an al dente' texture and handles reheating rather well.

2. My carrot "tuna" salad with hummus, on a BFree Sweet Potato wrap, paired with Simple Mills crackers, and some Crunchsters.
     -The BFree wrap was amazing! It is a 100 calorie wrap that is actually pliable! I mean, I can stuff this baby full and still manipulate it enough to fold into a wrap! The taste is pretty legit as well!
     -The Crunchsters, something I was very much so looking forward to trying - as these babies are a fabulous ayurvedic-approved crunch. My only disappointment is that the product contains oil and the vegan bacon variety is a bit too salty for me. BUT....with that said, they are packed full of flavor and carry a nice crunch!

Absolutely all of my food was delicious, easy to prepare and I felt included within my family functions - as I paired my menu options to be similar to theirs.


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