Quick and simple summer squash soup in a rice cooker! (Gluten-Free & Vegan)

It is not every night that I have access to the family stove and or oven. More often than not, I am either already creating 10 other recipes that require this appliance OR my parents are utilizing it. Perhaps they are making pasta or homemade bread, something that is very much so not Nicole-Friendly and I need to steer clear - which has forced me more times than not, to get creative in my cooking methods.

Knowing that I had a busier week than usual and that I had summer squash that was ripening faster than I was preserving it, I needed to find a way to get into that kitchen and cook up a storm in a very short period of time, as my to-list was continuously growing.

I pulled out the rice cooker and just as I would have with the stove top, I dry-sautéed my spices. I simply did this by plugging in the rice cooker and turning it on, not adding any liquids and tossing in my spices (turmeric, ginger, cardamom, star anise, fennel seeds, mustard seeds, garlic, garlic and seaweed strips).

Once I started smelling the aroma of the spices, I added my liquid (water) and then tossed in my chopped summer squash, some onions, celery, and a few carrots.

I knew I wanted to create an additional dish for my dinner the next night (as I would be traveling away from home) so I placed the steamer basket into the rice cooker and added some additional summer squash with a touch of fresh lime juice and black pepper.

I left everything to sit until the summer squash was a mushy-like consistency. 

For the soup, I took all of my ingredients and spun them into the Vitamix on high for a minute or two until creamy. Then I let the soup cool and stored them in my Ball Freezer Jars.

For my dinner the next night, I simply cut the summer squash into smaller pieces and spiralized a couple zucchini for the start of my pasta dish. I had already created a sautéed garlic and mushroom dish and I had fresh portobellos that I would utilize as well.


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