Women's Weekend In The Woods 2018

While I may have been faced with a number of challenges trying to stop me from getting to Gina's 2018 Women's In The Woods Weekend, the universe spoke louder than all other aspects and put me exactly where I needed to be... Gina's retreat.

Gina has a way of running her retreats where she provides a safe-grounding space for all, while at the same time leaving space for you to grow, explore, feel, struggle and mature in your own time and space.

I showed up on Friday evening a bit frazzled. I was concerned that I was taking off that weekend when I should not be, as in another week I was headed out for an extended vacation. I was exhausted and a bit cranky from the traffic that I ran into. BUT - I came with an open mind and couldn't wait to embrace what Gina had prepared for us.

We started the retreat with some free movement with mother nature. We moved with our breath and we set an intention for ourselves. I felt more at "home" than I had in a very long time. As I moved with breath and I connected my hands with the earth, I knew this weekend would be exactly what I had been in need of.

Some of the other retreat participants were familiar and the others I had not had the opportunity to meet in the past.

We all gathered around the fire and enjoyed Gina's Ayurvedic-focused hobo packets for dinner.

It was a beautiful evening for us to just sit, share with one another our stories and hopes and enjoy the peaceful sounds of the forest.

Saturday arrived - a bit later than we had anticipated. The entire group must have felt relaxed enough to sleep in. So Gina (as she usually does) adjusted the schedule.

Saturday brought for the group some delicious food, crafts (to adorn our feminine space), a wine tasting, great company and some (okay... a lot of) rain. The rain never seemed to bother us. We managed to stay dry for the most part and just take it as an opportunity to slow down.

It had been too long since I had sat in one space and just took up that space. I wasn't actually being what I would consider productive (working, cooking, cleaning, etc.) I was just at peace and taking in my heartbeat, the wind in the trees, and the chatter from the ladies - all while I explored my "creative side" with craft time.

We all called it a fairly early night (in part due to the rain) and we awake anew on Sunday to enjoy a cocao ceremony and angel cards. I pulled the perfect card to answer my current question.

We enjoyed a slow morning with a delicious breakfast (and yes, Gina makes everything Nicole-Friendly and adheres to everyone's eating needs and preferences - she is a pretty bad-ass cook).  Gina is the ONLY person I can come on a trip with and I don't question a schedule, I have little to no anxiety and I don't even bother packing food because I know Gina has me covered with healthy and nutritious meals.

By the way Gina, I always leave craving your meals for the next week - so I don't know if I should love or hate you at this moment G ;).

Take a look at some of the wonder this year's retreat brought to us.

Meals Included:
Dinner: Campfire hobo packet (potatoes and veggies with beans and toppings)
Breakfast: Oatmeal breakfast buffets
Lunch: Kitchari
Dinner: Vegan Mega-Salad
Lunch: Carrot and lentil soup with apple chips and a big salad 


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